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Happy 2019! New Years Resolutions

For two weeks leading up to New Years Day I thought about the upcoming year and what I wanted to accomplish. Both in my photography business and in my personal life. To stay accountable I will keep them here, for everyone to see and as a reminder to myself. Here we go!

1. Read at least one book a month. (Give me recommendations!)

2. Move (hike, bike, run, walk, swim) more. At least 10 miles a week.

3. Work on learning Spanish. (Babble, Rosetta Stone, and Podcasts have been downloaded)

4. Travel to at least two new countries, two new states, and one new national park. (Iceland is already planned, where else to go??)

5. Find, purchase, renovate and decorate my dream vintage travel trailer.

6. Get some photo sessions published.

7. Run three 5ks, two 10ks and a half marathon.

8. Go back packing to Havasupi Falls. (Sign up is on February 1!)

9. Get completely out of credit card debt.

10. Minimize extra “stuff”. (I guess I need to watch Marie Kondo on Netflix, and re-read Minimalism.) 

11. Get on a better sleep routine. (My Fitbit keeps me accountable here.)

12. Double my photography income from 2018.

14. Blog at least every month. (I’m trying okayyyyy)

15. Take better care of my body, cook at home more, eat healthier, more veggies, less meat.

There you go! That’s what I’ll be working on this year.

What are your New Years Resolutions??

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  • LindaI hear ya on the new year’s goals. I joined a gym in February as part of my goal to move more (instead of always being stuck behind my computer). I want to pay off more debt from our mortgage (we’re lucky that that’s the only debt we have). I also want to minimize (you’ll love the Marie Kondo show. She’s a total inspiration.) And I would like to increase my photography income too. 🙂ReplyCancel

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